Trip Charge

Service Call
(during business hours) Fee to come to your home or place of business. (This includes pick up and return set up of your system) The hourly rate applies if you want the work done at your home or place of business
Service Call
(after business hours)


Advanced Diagnostic
Fee to complete an advanced diagnostic on your device. This fee is charged on all devices that come in to the shop to be looked at.

System Restore

System Restore
Fee to reinstall your O/S and drivers to factory state. (this does not include reinstalling programs)


Custom System
Fee to build a custom system to your specification. Quote Only


Let us handle the task of giving you the web presence you need . We include the following in our packages:

Custom Content
Search Engine Optimized
Professional Stock Photography
In-House Illustration
Custom Forms
Company Blog
Photo Galleries
Event Calendar

Hard Drive Back up

Hard Drive Back up
Fee to save the information on your old hard drive. ***Note- we are not responsible for lost data, or  programs that you do not have backed up. This service is for documents and pictures only! ***Back up media sold separately***



Virus Removal
Fee to remove viruses, spyware, and malware from your system. ***Note- In certain conditions the system will have to be reinstalled to remove the infections. ( which may incur additional charges) In these situations we are not responsible for lost data. (Protection software is extra) ***System clean up $20.00 value free.


Wired Home Network
Fee to run wires and connect to your router. Quote Only
Wireless Home Network
Fee to set up a wireless network. ***Note- We will connect your wireless router to (1) one computer, or device. A  $25.00 charge will apply for each additional device that we connect to your wireless network.

Security Camera Installation

Security Camera
Installation Quote only (The $45.00 service call fee applies to come measure the job, and is due upon arrival) Quote Only


Laptop Screen Replacement
Labor to replace your broken laptop screen. ***The screen price will vary depending on the type of laptop you have. Call for a qoute on your screen.


Install Components in your System
This fee is to install components into your system Ex: memory, dvd or cd burners, graphics cards, modems, Ethernet cards, etc, (cpu's are $25.00) ( Components are not included)



Mother Board Replacement
This fee is to remove your old mother board and reinstall a new motherboard ( Motherboard not included) If your system needs to be reinstalled after the new motherboard is installed, additional fees will apply. ***See System Restore